Dr. Richa Chandra

Not only is she the driving force behind WISEcast and The Wisest Women , she is a tenured Associate Professor and Research Chair in Chemistry at the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas. She is also an online teaching coach and innovator for high impact pedagogical practices in education.

Richa is the mother of two adorable children and two crazy cats (who are currently in counseling). Her favorite food is saag paneer with naan. She can’t go a week without thinking about Harry Potter, and she could not live without her Alexa setting reminders for her whole family. 

Dr. Amber Miller

In addition to being Co-host for WISEcast and Co-Founder of The Wisest Women, she is the founding Director of the STEM Success Center and Adjunct Anatomy and Physiology Professor at the University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas.

Amber is the mother of one precious daughter and one husky pup. Her favorite food is French fries, she would eat them every day if she could. Her most favorite thing in the whole world is music, and she couldn’t survive without coffee (it doesn’t even have to be caffeinated).

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