Lean In
Sheryl Sandberg

Lean In is one of the best introductory texts for anyone who wants to start thinking about feminism and to hear an authentic and inspiring story with motivational advice. Sheryl Sandberg walks you through her career journey and how she achieved not only climbing up the corporate ladder, but how she established herself as a leader. She speaks to her triumphs and her challenges with motherhood and likeability. She ends the text with a call to action on how women can work together to achieve equity.

Wall Street Journal Article:

No Hoodies and Allbirds for These Women in Tech

Does fashion only belong in some industries? We all know the typical techbro dress code, but how do women fit into this casual world of faded tees and cargo shorts? These tech super stars are “challenging the status quo of the industries dress codes”. 

This article features podcast guest Jocelyn Nguyen from Episode 15: Beauty and Brains

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